Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giclée printing?

The term Giclée – pronounced gee-klay - is a combination of two French words; ‘gicleur’, meaning nozzle or jet, and ‘gicler’ to spray out. Giclée printing uses pigment-based inks so as to produce high quality prints of original art. All inks are archival quality and provided they’re not kept in direct sunlight will last 80 years.

Giclée prints are known for their high quality, colour matching and longevity. Giclée prints are simply the best way to reproduce artwork.

Who are our printers?

We use theprintspace to produce our prints (unless otherwise stated). You can find more information about their process and quality on their website.


For numbered, limited-edition prints, a certificate is sent with your purchase. The certificate contains the details of the artwork and the edition number. A holographic seal and emboss makes sure the print is genuine. 


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